A full service eCommerce platform for age compliant brands

It just Werx.


We provide real-time, secure data transmission and data processing. We support multiple business-to-consumer and business-to-business payment methods.

Credit and Debit Cards

Our PCI compliant technology gives you the tools to create debit, credit and online bank debit processes unique to the look and feel of your marketplace.


Our co-developed cryptocurrency payment processor provides instant-on, reliable bitcoin payment processing.


We are PCI compliant. We keep consumer and business owner information secure.


We are certified for credit cards, debit cards, gift/private label cards, and electronic cheque processing.

Fraud Prevention

Our proprietary tools and integrated partners meet the need for businesses and consumers to establish trust on demand.

Online Gaming

Virtual Reality

Digital Healthcare

Payment Processors


Financial Institutions


The Platform

We bring together consumers and merchants for products and services requiring proof of identity and age verification. We create a single portal for a range of age-verified products and services.

Who we serve

We help businesses build their brands for age-compliant products, and give our community of identity verified consumers access to purchase these products.

We build financial services networks, creating natural and ongoing incentives for consumers and businesses to participate in a growing community of buyers and sellers.

Build your brand with FintechWerx

FintechWerx helps eCommerce companies increase efficiency and accessibility, paving the path for long-term growth. 

Grow & Scale

We collaborate with brand owners to optimize the online consumer experience, driving conversions and repeat purchases. 



We are entrepreneurs who understand the successes and failures that come with taking risks and believing in ourselves. We bring together networks of buyers and sellers, leveraging over 25 years of fintech service and expertise. Our cooperative network of industry thought-leaders focuses on creating quality engagements between high-growth brands and consumers.