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Our mission is to empower independent sales organizations, merchants and consumers.

As industry pioneers, FintechWerx strives to be more than just a software provider. We aim to be thought leaders, driving innovation, sparking conversations, and shaping the future of e-commerce.

We are your

e-commerce technology partner.


We are PCI and GDPR compliant. We keep information secure.



We are certified for credit, debit, gift and private label cards.

Fraud Prevention

Our proprietary tools and integrated partners meet the needs of independent sales organizations, merchants, and consumers to establish trust on demand.


It just Werx.

We are an e-commerce technology company delivering enrollment, automated identity verification, payment solutions, and data management services.

We collaborate with brand owners to enhance online consumer experiences, drive conversions, and merchant loyalty. FintechWerx is dedicated to helping e-commerce companies increase efficiency and accessibility, ultimately paving the way for sustainable long-term growth.

Grow and Scale

Take Control

Whether it is onboarding a merchant, applying for a payment processing account, connecting to the perfect consumer and offering the most secure payment options, our FintechWerx Platform is the one stop solution.

Digital Healthcare

Store and Grocery Delivery

Online Dating

Equipment Leasing

Auto Leasing

Serving Complex Verticals​

There are many underserved merchants operating in industries that need access to reliable e-commerce payment experiences. These industries require trusted solutions within their market segments, meeting verified registration and user regulations in countries where these merchants operate, or where their clients reside.

... We pioneer e-commerce innovation and empower independent sales organizations, merchants, and consumers by reducing friction at online registration and mobile checkout...

API Driven

Automated IDV

Backoffice Reporting

Configurable Experiences

Credit Verification

Email Marketing








Platform Features


Our EMTWerx Plug-in is a game-changer for merchants relying on email money transfers. Experience seamless reconciliation of records with automated processes, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy. By reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors, our plug-in frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


We provide real-time, secure data transmission and data connections. We are integrated with multiple business-to-consumer and business-to-business payment methods.


Debit and Credit

Our PCI-compliant technology gives you the tools to create payment experiences unique to the look and feel of your marketplace.

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Our Team

We are building a platform ecosystem to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and underserved merchants. Introducing our FintechWerx team - experts driving fintech.

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