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Automate Your Interac e-Transfer® Payments Process

Do you want to streamline your Interac e-Transfer® payments process? EMTWerx is here to help. Our proprietary e-Transfer plugin automates your back office process, allowing you to focus on value-added tasks.

With our EMTWerx e-Transfer Plugin, you get:

  • Zero staffing: our plugin reconciles completed EMT payments with WooCommerce reporting in real-time, eliminating the need for manual checking.

  • Zero fraud: all payments are verified before orders ship, giving you peace of mind.

  • Increased efficiency: redirect your staff to value-added tasks and eliminate the cost of reconciling payments to shipments with automation.

  • Customer satisfaction: save your customers money with EMT services unaffected by newly-introduced credit card transaction fees. Plus, you can ship products faster without the traditional order holds, keeping your customers happy.

Join the growing list of businesses who trust EMTWerx for their Interac e-Transfer® payments. 

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