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It just Werx.

The challenge with financial services marketplaces today is  consumers cannot use their existing credentials across marketplaces. FintechWerx removes these  barriers for the consumer and expands the marketplace effect. We do this by connecting payments and real-time identity verification of merchants and consumers, all in a single platform.

Underpinning the FintechWerx Platform is the company's scalable proprietary data model. The data model is the framework under which the FintechWerx Platform operates. It is a visualization that allows the connection of a distributed micro services deployment to the company’s requirements and processes.  By implementing a common data model for business activities, a rigor is applied to data events while allowing the flexibility to adapt to distinct client or market segment opportunities.


The FintechWerx Platform further automates Interac e-Transfer transactions for the Canadian market as part of delivering reliable e-commerce payment experiences that extend to the shopping cart, payment processing and payment gateways.


We bring together banking, payments and e-commerce leadership, and It’s easy to know you are part of a special organization when your core values align, your work is meaningful, and you have a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose. That place is FintechWerx.

Kind Regards,

George Hofsink

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George Hofsink, CEO

Adam Atlas

Attorney at Law

2301 Melrose Avenue, 

Montreal, QC, Canada H4A 2R7

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