Onboard merchants. Connect with processors. 
Verify consumers. Reconcile payments.


Automate your Interac  e-Transfer® Payments Process Today

Global KYC and KYB processes for onboarding and risk management .

Providing access to transactions for credit/debit/gift cards, ACH, Interac and Bitcoin.

Take Control.

Having trouble onboarding a merchant, getting accepted by a payment processor, and offering consumers their preferred payment methods? The FintechWerx Platform is the one stop solution.

Our Services.


Our EMT-Werx plug-in is a game-changer for merchants relying on Interac e-Transfers. Experience seamless reconciliation of records with automated processes, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy. By reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors, our plug-in frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Automate Your Interac e-Transfer® Back office Process

  • Eliminate the Cost of Reconciling Payments to Shipments

  • Ship products faster without the traditional order holds, keeping your customers happy.


The IDV-Werx Automated onboarding process to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. Our solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance the validation of driver’s licenses and verification documents. It offers immediate (KYC) and (KYB) classifications, ensuring that identity verification processes are swift and reliable. What sets our system apart is its ability to create a centralized verification data bank that both merchants and ISOs can place their trust in when processing payments. IDV-Werx is designed for scalability and flexibility, providing an onboarding process that can adapt to evolving needs and accommodate a growing user base with ease.

  • Using artificial intelligence to validate drivers license and verification documents.

  • Instant Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Know Your Business (“KYB”) classifications.

  • Creating a single verification data bank that merchants and ISO’s trust to process payments.

  • Scalable & Flexible onboarding process.


The Payment-Werx processing system is versatile, accommodating transactions at physical point-of-sale terminals and across various e-commerce platforms. Allowing Merchants to Connect with their Customers in a reliable manner. To provide our clients with a comprehensive solution, we offer an all-in-one dashboard. This dashboard allows users to easily download reports, manage transactions, and void transactions when necessary. Additionally, our payment processing system is seamlessly integrated into the FintechWerx platform, providing a holistic and efficient financial technology solution.

  • Processing payments at both physical point-of-sale terminals and e-commerce platforms.

  • Delivering encrypted data to between customer credit card and merchant bank accounts.

  • All-in-one dashboard to download reports, manage transactions and void transactions.

  • Integrated into the FintechWerx. platform.

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